From his humble beginnings with high school band Kilborn to his current gigs with Inviolate and Theocracy among others, Ernie has always had a wide range of musical and non-musical influences. He grew up listening to classical music like Vivaldi and Bach and over the years got introduced to rock, jazz fusion, metal, etc.

Completely self taught since the age of 15, Ernie honed his drumming skills by listening to Dave Weckl, Virgil Donati and rock drummers like Jimmy Chamberlin, Danny Carey and Matt Cameron to name a few. It wasn't until he was exposed to metal and specifically progressive metal where the possibilities of drumming seemed limitless. Mike Portnoy, Jason Rullo, Aquiles Priester and Mike Terrana helped to shape and give Ernie more and more inspiration.

After moving from NY to Atlanta, he joined Halcyon Way in the winter of 2006, with whom he toured across the globe.

In 2010, Ernie joined Xeroderma, a technical death metal band with former Halcyon Way bassist Kris Maltenieks.

Ernie continually pushes himself with different musical styles and projects to broaden his musical abilities. Most recently he's been behind the kit for female fronted band Inviolate and Melodic Metal band Theocracy.